Brickyard - Thursday, 3/29

Mob town 8-9:30 Zoogma 10-11:30 Yellowhammer 12-2

Merry Widow - Friday, 3/30

9:00PM: DOORS 9:00PM-9:45PM: DJ/HOUSE MUSIC 9:45PM-10:00PM: DALTON MUSE 10:00PM-10:15PM: DY 10:20PM-10:35PM: NOTHING SPECIALĀ  10:40PM-10:55PM: DEE VILLAN 11:00PM-11:15PM: BIG BROWN 11:20PM-11:35PM: NO SUH FOSTER 11:40PM-11:55PM: 2FACE, STEVO STRAPPED & FED TYME 12:00AM-12:15AM: MR.88 12:20AM-12:35AM: BEAMIN & TIMMY 12:35AM-12:40AM: CHANGE OVER/HOUSE MUSIC (RAFFLE 1) 12:40AM-12:55AM: MARCEL P 1:00AM-1:15AM: ALFRED BANKS 1:15AM-1:30AM: CHANGE OVER/HOUSE MUSIC (RAFFLE 2) 1:30AM-1:45AM: J. SIMON 1:45AM-UNTIL

Merry Widow - Saturday, 3/31

12PM DOORS 1230-1PM Laurie-Anne Armour 1-140PM Camm Lewis 150-220PM Symonne French 230-3PM Red Clay Strays 310-340PM Black Mouth Curr 350-420PM The Underhill Family Orchestra 430-5PM Black Titan 510-540PM Western Lands 550-620PM LF Knighton 630-7PM Cockfight 710-8PM Super Nice Bros

Soul Kitchen - Saturday, 3/31

Harae Maru 8:30-9:30 George porter with Runnin Pardners and bonerama horns - 10:00-11:30 Cbdb 12-2